Stoodaio Review | Can Joshua Zamora's AI Make Perfect Videos?

Full, honest review of Joshua Zamora's new StoodAIo video maker app

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    What is Stoodaio?

    This highly-anticipated launch is tentatively set for mid to late September 2021 (and our entire Stoodaio review team can't wait!)


    What we know so far:

    This is the software that could break the Internet.  : )

    Seriously, Joshua appears to have successfully combined REAL AI (artificial intelligence) with cutting-edge video creation that can:

    • write your video scripts for you
    • activate speech-technology and create your voice-overs for you
    • create your video for you
    • host your videos
    • publish your videos
    • syndicate your videos
    • and a few more bonuses as well.

    To say that this could have major benefits to anyone who needs to create vidoes is an understatement.

    Can He Do It?

    It sounds like a tall order, right?  Our team here has deliberated on this for quite some time, and based on the following evidence, while premature to say, the stoodaio review team believes Josh will deliver.


    Exhibit A:  not long ago, our team also got a demo of (and subsequently purchased) one of Joshua's other products, called CreAIte.

    CreAIte is more of a general-purpose AI content writer, which initially wrote short articles, not entirely well-constructed ones at that.  However, in the subsequent weeks, the tool blossomed into a full-fledged, fast, easy longer-form article writer on steroids, simultaneously writing (and even translating!) full users up to 5 articles on topic, and of useful length.

    You can read a full review of Creaite software here.


    Exhibit B:  We also have purchased and reviewed DFY Suite, which has impressed us with its ease of use in handling extremely complex processes.  You can read our DFY Suite review here.

    So from those experiences, it seems only natural that Joshua's newest product will likely send the Internet into a very positive buying frenzy.

    We will add more info as it releases.  Make sure you bookmark our stoodaio review page and check back!


    Stoodaio Price

    JUST ANNOUNCED!  Stoodaio pricing consists of 1 front-end (aka the main) purchase, and four OTOs / upsells.

    Earlybird price for the Stoodaio Agency front-end product is expected to be $44.



    Currently and only at launch, there is an Exclusive Bundle Opportunity. 

    This private bundle offer includes the ENTIRE product, including all OTOs plus a generous helping of credits, all at a greater than 50% off savings.   For those serious about entering the massive time-saving and money-saving arena of leveraging Artificial Intelligence to create multiple videos, with cutting-edge voice synthesis added, and even translated into multiple languages (this blew our Stoodaio review team away!), then we strongly suggest that the launch bundle is the way to go for you.

    Stoodaio OTOs

    • Stoodaio Agency+    $67/mo
    • Stoodaio Booster      $97
    • Stoodaio Whitelabel $297
    • Stoodaio Voice         $67



    StoodAIo is LIVE!  Here are the links to the intro and special bundles:

    DISCLOSURE:  We are affiliates.  If you get anything, we will likely earn commission. Thank you!

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