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3 Ways to Promote Your Business With Videos

So you want to promote your business with videos do you? Well great news!

With the increasing popularity of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, more and more people are making use of their business networking services. Each social network is different in terms of how it works. With that said, it’s generally accepted that you can get more exposure for your business on social networks than on traditional search engines like Google. And YouTube can be a fantastic option.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? That’s right, people search for things on YouTube all the time. I bet you have even done it if you think about it!

Here’s why you should use social networks to promote your business with videos

As a business owner, you want to get your message across to your target market quickly. Here’s a tip: Shorter messages typically get more attention. That’s why you should use video as your marketing tool to capture the attention of your audience. People are tempted to skim through videos when they’re short. People are less tempted to watch the full video, the longer it is. You probably do this yourself, don’t you? When you promote your business with videos and review the watch time and interaction reports, it is extremely clear that in most cases, the viewers start dropping off pretty early in a typical video.

Video Shoot Promotion Example
Video Promotion Shoot Example

Your Brand Is In Your Sound, too

A business is not complete without a logo or brand image. But a confident business can use its sound to reflect the brand image. Not only does video capture attention but it also has a brand presence in the audio. People remember the “sound” of things. This is something your target audience will associate with your company. It’s like having a face to go with your brand. And last I checked… text doesn’t make sound! So promote your business with videos to get the perfect mix of visual, audio, text, brand, and more.

With the advent of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, using video is becoming more popular than ever. People are far more used to viewing videos on their phones now than they are to using PC or Macs. This is another reason why using video is such a great way to promote your business. You take your message to your audience in the way they want to consume it.

More Views = More Backlinks

Well maybe not directly. But if you promote your business with videos, and make them compelling enough, soon a percentage of people will link to your video, embed your video, or link to your website. So if you have Google AdSense, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels, then you are able to further benefit from using videos.

Having these different channels will help to spread your message to different people and help to increase your exposure. And when you post your videos, and people start sharing them, you may find yourself gaining backlinks. This can be very helpful.

Backlinks are the links that are created by websites that are connected to your video. Having backlinks will help to increase the authority of your website and thus, increase your search engine rankings. Having backlinks is only something you get from websites that are connected to your videos. Backlinks can appear in your YouTube descriptions, or in your social media posts, or in people’s shares, or in many other places. Suffice it to say that it can be an extremely beneficial way to promote your business with videos.

Did you know that there are AI tools now that can make your videos for you? Read the full review on that here.

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